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Self storage for Commercial Use 2023



Self Storage units for Commercial Use

R&R Self Storage of Jasper provides storage solutions for your independent need.  My question is – what is your need?  

Are you a home-based e-commerce site?  Do you have an office with extra equipment or furnishings that are taking up valuable space?  Did you downsize your office but you still need extra room?

Here’s where I am with it:  we need to RE-THINK the storage industry!  

My husband and I owned an interior plantation shutter company for 13 years.  There was a period of time that we installed blinds, shades and other window treatments (besides shutters) for clients of ours.  Because the rest of our work was mobile, how would we make it work so that I could inventory the deliveries of the window treatments to schedule the installer once everything had arrived when I didn’t have the space at my home?  Additionally – I didn’t live near my jobs or the installers installing those jobs.  
So we rented some storage.  Brilliant!  
I had a FANTASTIC FEDEX delivery man that would place the items in the storage unit and I would come daily to the unit to identify deliveries and inventory them accordingly.  My installers would come to the storage unit on the days they were installing for me and pick up the treatments for that day’s job – and we would do it all again the next day.  
As a business owner and contractor, this streamlined my business because we could not all be at the location at the same time:  I needed fluid options and our HUB that was the storage unit fit the need.  
Currently we have a multitude of contractors that rent units from us:
Heating and air contractors
Gutter and roof supply contractors
Auto repair contractors
Independent publishers
Theater and production companies
Online Retailers
Local landscapers or seasonal workers
Sales and service professionals (THIS DESCRIBES WHAT WE DID)
A storage unit is by far cheaper than renting or building a standalone warehouse or building.  Here is an article discussing the costs to build a warehouse.  PLUS storage is month to month leasing – if you’re working in a certain area, once you’re done, you can transition to another location and secure another month to month lease!  
What about traveling?  Do you travel frequently for work?  This article discusses just that.  Consider people traveling across the country frequently – some of those people could have units all over with sales materials, clothing, meeting propaganda – you name it!  
Storing seasonal items in storage:    So, who is seasonal? What does that mean?
Holiday decor belonging to corporations, municipalities, businesses that don’t have room – (The Cleaning Authority did a great blog on storing Holiday and seasonal decor)
ATVs and equipment (An EXCELLENT article here – really – you should read this to keep your ATV stored properly in the winter)
Pool care equipment
Outdoor recreation equipment
There are items that you cannot store in a storage unit.  I’ve written a blog about What NOT to store in a storage unit.  You don’t want to store anything wet or damp – you would want to drain and dry out outdoor recreational equipment like boats, kayaks, rafts, etc.  Items that enter the storage unit with excessive moisture present can cause mold to develop inside the storage unit.  FEMA published a brochure HERE discussing mold and how quickly it grows and spreads.  DID YOU KNOW?  Mold can start to grow on a damp surface in 24-48 hours.   
Basically, storage units can be used for so much more than just storing household items.  I also wrote a blog about Who needs storage these days?.  I find it increasingly interesting how creative people have become these days with the way the market is.  
Don’t forget to come see us on the socials.  We welcome feedback and positive criticism!  Affordable Self Storage for You


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