History of Self Storage

What is self-storage and how does it work? Let’s get down to the technical definition: Self-storage is a service offered by companies that lease storage space, often in the form of units, to tenants who require extra space to store their belongings. These units come in a variety of sizes and are typically accessed by a roll-up metal door, with some smaller units accessible by a hinged metal door. Each unit is walled with concrete […]

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10x10 self storage unit

Quick blog about Boat Storage

So you’ve got this super great boat and you want to store it in a location that is easily accessible, will keep the boat clean and dry, and will protect it from the weather. STORAGE is your answer! And guess what? Storage is what we do! Storing a boat properly is crucial to ensure that it stays in good condition while it’s not being used. Here are some steps you can take to store your

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Long Term Storage – Tips!

Long Term Self Storage Storage is no joke; whether it’s for only a few weeks or several years, you need to make sure you’re ready and equipped. That’s why our team at R&R Self Storage of Jasper has created this comprehensive guide – so you can store with confidence and success. Long-term storage requires long-term investment, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Check out our Jasper self-storage facilities today and let us help you

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Self Storage in Jasper, GA

Your Local Affordable Self Storage SOLUTION! R&R Self Storage of Jasper has been working diligently to gain social media status and become more involved in our community. We are beyond happy to be a part of and support Pickens County Chamber of Commerce. You can find us specifically right Here. In addition, we belong to GASSA, SSA, The SBOA, and Inside Self Storage. R&R Self Storage of Jasper is here to support not only our

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R&R self storage of Jasper

Decluttering your home: What to get rid of and when has an awesome blog post about Marie Kondo, who, according to is “one of the most prolific organizers of our time, might just have the best advice for how to get rid of things”. Her philosophy? “Can you truthfully say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a closet or drawer that you have forgotten its existence? If things had feelings, they would certainly not be happy. Free them from the prison to which

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